The tide pool experience enables people of all ages to observe marine life up close without getting wet, providing hours of entertainment and enjoyment. It’s easy to discover the fascinating inhabitants of these natural aquariums – the more you look, the more curious you will become.


A tide pool is a pocket of seawater isolated by the outgoing tide. Each tide pool contains its own community of residents adapted to the environmental conditions unique to it. Although you are most likely to find less of a variety of marine life in the shallower tide pools closer to the cliffs, the life that exists in these tide pools is special in that it can adapt to increased water temperatures and changing salinites. Most marine life is less tolerant of these harsh environment conditions and thus seek homes in the deeper tide pools which tend to undergo less water temperature and salinity fluctuations.


Tide pools also offer a special environment as a nursery for baby, or juvenile, fish of certain species living in the adjacent bay. These juvenile fish live and grow here until they are ready to return to the sea as young adults.

There is something to see in every tide pool, and the longer you look, the more you’ll discover. Take the time and take care to explore. It’s an adventure all are sure to enjoy.



Hulopo'e Bay with its adjacent tide pool areas are part of a marine life conservation district established in 1976. (Also included are Manele Bay and Puupehe Cove.) The designation of this area as such was made in an effort to protect the marine life and its pristine habitat for future generations to observe and enjoy.